Precision machined components for the rail sector

Set of inner and outer rings, cones and cups for the rail sector

PSI produces precision machined components including inner rings and outer rings for the rail sector.
The experience of our industrialisation team, as well as the performance of our range of machines and our testing equipment, enables us to present ourselves as a key partner able to satisfy your requirements in terms of machining high added-value components in medium sized production runs.

We are proficient in the procurement and machining of materials including 100Cr6 or 100CrMo7, originating from bars, tubes, ring-rolled products or forgings.

Dimensions: from Ø40 to Ø900 mm

Blank types: bars, tubes, forgings, castings, laser cut, flame cut, profiles.

Materials: alloy steels and unalloyed steels

  • Grey cast iron with lamellar graphite and spheroidal graphite
  • Stainless steel
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Aluminium
Machined parts for the rail sector

Outer ring – Cup

Size of the outer ring in the cup:

  • Outer cup Ø185 to Ø220


  • Bearing steel forged 100CrMo7

Production rate:

  • 5,000 cups/year

Inner ring – Cone

Size of the 2 cones of the inner ring:

  • 2 inner cones Ø185 to Ø220


  • forged 100Cr6 or 100CrMo7

Production rate:

  • 10,000 cones/year