Our production facilities for machining and precision engineering

Regular investment, flexible and productive solutions…
Level of investment over 3 years: 10% of our turnover

Precision machined part supplier

… Quality is our primary focus:

3 three-dimensional measuring machines


Supplier of machined parts for the automotive industry

Machining centre units

  • 18 machining centres
  • 3-axis – 4-axis – 5-axis
    (capacity from 100 mm3 to 1 m3)
Supplier of machined parts for the industry

Turning unit

  • 30 CNC precision lathes
  • From 2-axis to 6-axis
    (dia. 45 to 700 mm, max. width 1.5 m)
Supplier of high precision turned parts

Automated production run unit

  • 6 cells
    (lathes, machining centres, robots)
Supplier of machined parts for the automotive, railway, hydraulic, ... industries

Grinding unit

  • 6 CNC external grinding machines
    (up to Ø350 mm, width 1,500 mm)
  • 1 CNC internal grinding machine
    (up to Ø350 mm, width 500 mm)
  • 2 flat grinding machines
    (1,000 mm x 500 mm)
Machining of precision mechanical parts

Lapping unit

5 flat lapping machines
(single and double sided)

1 boring-lapping machine

Manufacturer of industrial parts, lapping, grinding, machining

Miscellaneous machines unit

  • Induction heat treatment (up to a depth of 6 mm and 65 HRC)
  • Cutting
  • Boring
  • Tribofinishing
heat treatment for turned parts
Manufacturer of turned parts with surface treatment