Quality & environmental policy

The aim of PSI Perform Spirit Industry, encompassing MECAD SAVOIE INDUSTRIE, BUCARI, and BALLOCCHI, is to present itself as a key partner for its customers and to rely on an all-round, powerful and committed team to offer an outstanding and environmentally friendly industrial service.

Our strategy is based around 3 key focuses:

  • Reliance on our proven combination of expertise to position ourselves as part of a process of increasing business.
  • Maintaining an excellent level of product quality in order to meet our customers’ needs by developing our system to comply with even more exacting requirements.
  • Improving our industrial performance by enhancing our responsiveness and operational efficiency.
  • Reducing our environmental footprint by limiting pollution, involving all stakeholders (customers, suppliers, service providers, personnel) and sorting and recycling our waste

Implementation of this policy is based, within our teams, on:

  • A co-development relationship with our customers based on our extensive internal expertise, as well as our cross-disciplinary skills (forging, casting, flame cutting, laser cutting, lost wax casting, treatments of all kinds, grinding, lapping, etc.).
  • Taking ownership of customers’ requirements and planning human, technical and material resources.
  • A single quality and environmental system focusing on our customers and complying with legal, statutory and environmental requirements.
  • Collaborative and participatory work by teams, based around our processes and the complete involvement of all personnel in the continuous improvement of our performance

In conclusion, PSI Perform Spirit Industry is seeking to build on the consolidation of its technological, quality and environmental strengths, as well as on its comprehensive integrated organisation, to provide its customers with the best possible service and ensure the sustainable development of its business.