Precision machined components for the automotive sector

PSI produces precision machined components for the automotive sector, including crankshaft gears and bearing rings. Our aim: to establish an industrial excellence partnership by guaranteeing process performance and co-development solutions.

Our experience of robotic solution integration for the manufacture of forging, casting and slug type reworked products is a valuable asset. Fully integrated testing also forms part of our specification.

Dimensions : from Ø40 to Ø250 mm

Crankshaft gears

Reworking of a Ø40 sintered blank

  • Machining grooves
  • Carbonitriding
  • 33µ bore

Production rate: 20,000 parts/week

Manufacturer of automotive parts, pinion, crankshaft

Bearing ring blank

Material: 100Cr6 steel

Part size: Ø50 to Ø75 mm

Production rate: 80,000 parts / week

Manufacturer of automotive parts, bearing ring