Machined components for the public works sector

PSI produces products and components for public works equipment.

Our experience, as well as the complementarity of our range of machines (turning, machining centres, HF annealing, grinding, flat lapping, etc.) enables us to offer comprehensive services, by means of a partnership that is able to provide technico-economic solutions proposing adaptations, different sources of supply (forging, casting, laser cutting, flame cutting, etc.)

Dimensions : from Ø40 to Ø900 mm

Materials :

  • Alloy steels and unalloyed steels
  • Grey cast iron with lamellar graphite and spheroidal graphite
  • Stainless steel
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Aluminium

Components for public works equipment motors

Manufacturer of poly-V pulleys diameter 107 to 220.

Cast iron blank

Production rate approximately 4,000 parts / year

Manufacturer of cast iron pulley for the public works sector

Piston family machining.

Cast iron blank

Production rate approximately 2,000 parts / year

Supplier of machined piston for public works engines

Public works equipment casing

Pump casings in cast iron with lamellar graphite, forged casings and cooling circuit jackets in cast aluminium.

Manufacturer of aluminium pump casing

Forged pump casing and vacuum pump shafts


  • Cast iron blank

Production rate:

  • ∼6,000 parts / year
hydraulic valve manufacturer

Hydraulic valve


  • Aluminium

Production rate: 3000 parts / year